Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Lesson From an Iceberg

What we see and know is always only partial.

The unseen we invest with assumptions we dress as truth.

To judge another—such a weighty, preposterous act,

none of us worthy to undertake.


Awareness is not full knowing, but rather

knowing that we don’t know much at all.

To live in bliss is to accept myself and others

at face value, allowing for the mystery lying beneath.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


 And now the grain of sand becomes sand again,

And you stand on some mountain road weeping.

                                                            --From “The Face in the Toyota” by Robert Bly


Why the weeping? Is it loss of the dreams

for life and love held close in younger years,

or tears shed when what seems transcendent disappoints?

Life’s reality, either way, is different than expected.

Loss is a part of life, but bitter still, even when accepted. We hope

for the dream but it plays out incomplete

or not at all. Better to look

closer in, to find joy in smaller things, in the

present moment. Joy persists, though at times, unexpected,

the dreams will resurface,

their own persistence bringing tears for what was not.

Thursday, May 5, 2022


Only in snatches of thought, brief

moments when emotion cracked

the thick shell of duty, did I

consider escape. To walk away

wasn’t reasonable and I fed

reason with my life. Cracks, however,

have a way of growing, often

imperceptibly, until one day

things break wide open.


When it happened, reason

reached for the spackle, but

emotion said, “No. It is time

to live,” and soul

poured through the cracks,