Tuesday, March 29, 2022

March Ferns


Coming up a rise in the trail I spied them,

poised, still life of a dance beginning.

Some stick-straight except for their fiddle heads

bent in a formal bow as if preparing to contradance.

Others, more unfurled, a bit wilder, looser,

looking almost raucous in their heady celebration of spring.

It is this dance I want to join, moving loose, lanky, free,

intoxicated by new life, waving wantonly in the spring breeze.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tastes of Heaven


But our gusty emotions say to me that we have

Tasted heaven many times: these delicacies

Are left over from some larger party.      

--From Tasting Heaven by Robert Bly


If tastes of heaven are the tidbits from a larger party,

then what was the larger version of the soft mist I enjoyed on my cheeks

this morning? Was it the residue from some heavenly celebration,

where bottles of champagne erupted to celebrate

the blooming of tulips, or the woven engineering of a swift’s nest?


I wonder what gets celebrated in heaven.

I imagine the minute, tiny, barely noticed (by us) events,

fattening buds, pink hue on a cloud, the way

sunlight filters through upon forest floor,

the first breath drawn by a foal—these

surely elicit uproarious response.

If I could count the misty drips as they touch my skin,

each drop a celebration to last a lifetime, ah,

this is a foretaste of eternity!

Thursday, March 3, 2022



Settled, at least for now, in the act of feeding, 
birds blanket the ground, their chirps and cackles 
drench the morning air with sound. 
I could not count them if I tried, the volume 
and their movement muddle any hope of totalling. And why 
would I want to count? Better to stand in awe, 
witness to abundance, communion, energy of life. 
Enjoy the gift, marvel at the scene, for it is fleeting. 
A sound, movement, something I don’t sense, disturbs, 
in a flurry of sound, a thousand wings lift the mass 
into the sky. I stand, agape, in the silence they leave behind, 
 recognizing the place I stand as holy ground, 
 receiving their mantle and their lesson. 
Sing, eat, share life with friends, live in this moment, 
turn aside, be awed.