Spiritual Direction

How can I know God better? How can I love God better?

A spiritual director helps others discern and deepen their relationship with God. As a guide on life’s spiritual journey, a director pays attention to the ways in which God is at work in the life of another and encourages the practice of spiritual disciplines that help one become more aware and attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit within oneself and in the world. Through regular, usually monthly, meetings, the spiritual director guides another in an ever-deepening relationship with Christ.

Spiritual direction may be for you if you are hungering for a closer relationship with God, a deeper awareness of who you are in Christ, or a greater sense of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Ann is a graduate of the Academy for Spiritual Formation and received her certification in spiritual direction from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She encourages others to know God’s passion for them and for them to fall passionately in love with God. As one is transformed inwardly, then living a life of discipleship becomes one’s greatest joy and drawing ever closer to Christ, being more and more in Christ, becomes one’s greatest desire.

Ann is available for spiritual direction. Her office is located within Vineville United Methodist Church, 2045 Vineville Avenue, Macon, Georgia.
Phone: 478-731-9025
E-mail: annsmith828@gmail.com

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