Monday, March 27, 2017

A Lived Psalm

Psalm 23

Loving God, I have lived this psalm.
Not the flowery King James Version, but the straightforward Common English one.
You have kept me alive through my darkest hour,
leading me to restful waters—the river, the marsh, the lake—
when I was so very dry within,
when tears had wrung me out.
When I lost almost everything
I came to know that you are everything.
I lack nothing for I have you.

Though others proclaimed me worthless,
you welcomed me to a lavish feast,
feeding me love in heaps and mounds,
overflowing, extravagant love.
You bathed my broken soul with oil,
gratitude spills out of my full heart!
I now know that you never stop pursuing me.
We will always dwell together.
My home is found in you!

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