Friday, March 17, 2017


Isaiah 41:10

When all seemed hopeless,
when the path I envisaged washed out before me,
through days of distress and nights of sleeplessness and tears,
when I was exiled from what had been my life,
even then, when it was so dark that I could not feel your comfort
I knew you were with me.

As I lay at the bottom of the pit,
my identity smashed, feeling worthless
and very small,
you sent an angel, and another
and in the dark depths they pieced together
my shattered self, slowly.
It took months, but more angels came. They
knitted my broken self together,
each working a different way, but all
from you and for me.
Freed from that dark pit, I live.
I live!

God of the broken, you have strengthened me,
you have helped me,
you have held me with
your righteous strong hand.
I am loved.
I am yours.
I am grateful.

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