Monday, March 13, 2017


They treat the wound of my people
   as if it were nothing:
   “All is well, all is well” they insist,
   when in fact nothing is well.   – Jeremiah 6:14

One verse given today.
One verse.
Yet it speaks truth with force,
for all is not well. Humanity is wounded.
People fleeing their homes looking for hope,
people hungry, longing for food,
people sick, praying for medicine and treatment—these
are the wounded we see. But there are others.
People who close borders,
people who blame the poor,
people more concerned about dollars than neighbors—wounds
of privilege fester unseen. Heartlessness causes wounds to
stagnate and stink, like the Dead Sea.
Wounded people everywhere.

God, give us hearts that hurt for others,
heal our wound of uncaring.
Disturb us, shake us awake until we see your face
at our borders, in the clinics, on the streets,
in struggling schools, at the grocery store.
Give us eyes to see you with love, not contempt.
May we not rest until all is well
and all are well.

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