Saturday, March 11, 2017

Visual Praise

Psalm 147

Sing songs of praise to God
   for the glory of creation!
Do not keep silent
   in the presence of God’s diversity!

Birds and bugs, fish and flowers,
   trees and their fruit, seasons and weather,
stars and soil, vegetables and oceans,
   animals of every color, shape and disposition,
and people of every hue and size and belief—
   you made and love them all!
We all reflect your glory,
   though some would deny it in themselves and in others.

May I see you today
   in every bird and everybody,
in every leaf and in my food,
   in sun and clouds and wind,
in water and blossoms and bugs,
   even in the small, the irritating and mean.

May I see you today in every moment and person and place.
Give me eyes that praise you
with love and adoration for all you have made.

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