Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Strawberry Witness

Psalm 34:8

A strawberry preaches, testifying of God.
The red tells Jesus’ humanity—he bled
because he was human. Heart-shaped,
a reminder of the sacred heart of Jesus, my refuge, my home.
Tiny seeds an emblem of the divine seed
within each of us that, with intention, grows
so that Christ is seen in us.
When halved, symmetrical white lines speak of God’s
care and attention to the smallest detail of our lives.

What remains hidden is its nutrition—a benefit received
when eaten. Like Christ, looking at, knowing about, admiring
does not equate to being open to receive.
When I taste and see, God’s sweet, juicy goodness
fills me, changes me, nourishes me.
Thank you God, for the witness of strawberries!

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