Thursday, March 23, 2017


Exodus 6:5-8

Lord, I have lived under burdens,
making bricks without straw, taking on
impossible tasks, struggling under demands
too great for me. I have forgotten
who I am,
who you created me to be, falling
instead into a shape ill-fitting my soul.
I have not lived as your chosen,
but have chosen instead to enslave myself
to an image not mine to live.
You saw my predicament.
You heard the cry of my soul, even before
I was aware that my soul was crying.
You delivered me with signs and wonders,
feeding my starved soul with love, with community,
with your presence and peace.
My soul is taking the shape of your chosen, the shape
you dreamed for it.
Who I am is seen and known and I am learning to listen
to my soul’s whispered truth.
Your faith in me is making me well.
I live to sing your praise with my life!

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