Friday, March 3, 2017


Isaiah 40

God, whose way leads through
wilderness, whose desert path
uproots us out of ordinary time,
forgive us when we choose
complacency over change,
ease over transformation,
numbness over attentiveness.
We prefer the false security of
easy answers, blame and prejudice
rather than the disciplines of
understanding, patience and
Hold us in the desert long enough
to clear our vision, change our hearts,
gentle our judgments.
Hold us accountable even as you
hold us in your hand.
Flatten our mountains of pride.
Raise the ones we have despised.
Make our desert sojourn fruitful—
harsh enough to soften us, to turn
us to you in utter dependency,
so we will know that you show
your power in gentleness,
your strength in compassion,
your greatness in proximity.

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