Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Psalm 22

My God, my God
have you left us all alone?
have you turned away from our anguish?
Do you not see what is happening?
Snarling dogs pounce on the weak—
besting the aged for food,
tearing families apart,
trampling the gentle,
attacking the poor.
When they lose a crumb from their enormous loaf
the rich blame the hungry for their “loss.”
They trust might and weapons, feeding on these
until they are glutted,
while compassion and mercy fade into oblivion.

But the new day reminds me that you are constant.
You have not abandoned us. It is we
who have abandoned you, trusting in wealth and weapons,
in power and possessions, and not in your ways,
which work like yeast, steady, unseen.

Expand our hope, grow our compassion,
crowd out our fear, fill us with love
until we sing praise,
until our lives ring true,
until we resist evil.

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