Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Song of Praise

Revelation 4:1-11

Holy, holy, holy!
Creator God, you are holy!
In the orange fire of sunset,
in the vivid pink of sunrise,
in the indescribable blue of spring sky,
your glory bursts forth.

Holy, holy, holy!
Christ Jesus, you are holy!
In you, we see God’s heart for us—
love we cannot fathom,
patience filled with grace,
forgiveness that bids us live with joy.

Holy, holy, holy!
Spirit, you are holy!
In the stillness of early morning,
in the silence of a chapel,
in laughter, tears and love of community,
your presence is palpable.

Holy, holy, holy!
Wrapped in Trinity’s holiness
may we too be holy,
lifted by love to deep devotion,
challenged by grace to grow in grace,
filled with joy irrepressible.

Holy, holy, holy!

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