Friday, March 24, 2017


Hebrews 11:1-12

Steadfast God,
you faithfulness to us calls forth
our faithful response to you.
In all ages, we witness your tender care to your creation
and creation’s faithful response to you.
From Abraham to Noah to Ruth,
to Jeremiah, Hosea and Esther—
you challenged them to see a future they could not imagine.
Because of your faithfulness
they responded in faithful obedience.
The woman who touched Jesus’ robe,
the centurion who trusted Jesus’ authority,
Paul, whose dogged faith sustained him through countless hardships—
these examples of faith flow from your faithfulness to them.
The early Christian martyrs, and martyrs and saints in every age
saw beyond their lives and trusted in what they could not see.
They lived as those prepared to die,
and in their dying they went forth to live.
Steadfast God, may your faithfulness to us
call forth our faithfulness to you
that we may be numbered among the faithful. Amen.

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